World Design Day

World Design Day Is The Day to Talk About Design; How Design Could Improve Our Lives Through Social, Economical and Environmental Innovations

Every year, between 12 and 15 April, are the World Design Days. The aim of the World Design Days is to create awareness for design across the globe. World Design Days program was established to promote design for a better, brighter future where good <Cropped>

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Amandines Biscuits Packaging by Packlab

Packlab Discloses The Amandines Biscuits Packaging Product-Packaging Integration

PACKLAB, the project leader of the highlighted design Amandines Biscuits Packaging by PACKLAB illustrates, The packaging has enabled the simple Amandines biscuit to be considered as a premium proposition. The brief was to use standard materials and <Cropped>

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Europea Design Award

Europea Design Awards Are Calling Works From All European Designers as Well as Non-european Designers Worldwide to Honor Them With Fame, Prestige and Recognition

Designers, producers, manufacturers, creative agencies and idea-houses worldwide are called to enter their best products, designs and projects to the International A-Prime Design Awards. The International Design Awards which is calling both European <Cropped>

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Selle Royal Saddle Selector-Product Design

Second Phase For Further Developing Into a Real Product a Measuring Tool For The Choice of Your Saddle and a Floor-Display

Second phase for further developing into a real product a measuring tool for the choice of your saddle and a floor-display..

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Award Winning Yazz Lights Lighting Fixture

Dalia Sadany Reveals The Yazz Lights Lighting Fixture

Dalia Sadany, the creative mind behind the awarded work Yazz Lights by Dalia Sadany points out, Yazz is a fun lighting fixture made of bendable semi rigid wires allowing user to bend into any shape or form that suits their mood. It also comes with an <Cropped>

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Equipment Design Awards

Recognizing Excellence in Equipment Design, The Equipment Design Awards Celebrates The Best Equipment and Systems Designed For Public, Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Scientific Use Such as Machinery, Devices, Tools and Instruments

Be part of the worlds' most inclusive and celebrated design awards and competition by taking part in the Equipment Design Awards organized by A' Design Award and Competition. Entries are open to both freelance professionals such as equipmen <Cropped>

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Spiral-Washbasin by Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri

Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri Creates The Spiral Washbasin

Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri, the author of the displayed work Washbasin by Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri points out, Fresh water is one of the most valuable natural resource; we've heard the stories and legends that snakes guard the valuab <Cropped>

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Design Prize

Open For Industrial Designers and Design Companies, The a' Design Prize Is Looking For Best Products, Projects and Services, Realized or Concept Stage, to Award With Fame, Prestige, Publicity and Recognition

The A' Design Prize has been designed to create value for designers, architects and product manufacturers worldwide by creating international awareness, recognition, fame, prestige and publicity opportunities for award winning designers. Since t <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Vagrant Art Museum

Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic Designs The The Vagrant Art Museum

Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic, the designer of the highlighted project Art Museum by Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic points out, The architecture of the The New Taipei City Museum of Art, designed by Aleksandar Rudnik Milanovic as a crane bird in the nest <Cropped>

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Design Annual 2015

Graphis Design Annual 2015 Features The Most Visually Compelling Design Work of The Year, Selected From International Entries. Any Professional Is Eligible to Enter.the Deadline to Submit Entries to The Design Annual 2015 Competition Is April 15, 2014 At

Graphis design annual 2015 features the most visually compelling design work of the year, selected from international entries. any professional is eligible to enter.The deadline to submit entries to the design annual 2015 competition is april 15, 201 <Cropped>

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