Wine Bottle, Can Be Laid Flatwise by Zhang Jian, Cheng Biliang and Mai Peishan

Zhang Jian, Cheng Biliang and Mai Peishan Creates The X-sir Wine Bottle, Can Be Laid Flatwise

Zhang Jian, Cheng Biliang and Mai Peishan, the maker of the highlighted design wine bottle,can be laid flatwise:X-SIR by Zhang Jian, Cheng Biliang and Mai Peishan points out, We designed a tie form bulge on the red wine bottle so that the bottle coul <Cropped>

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Footwear by They New York

They New York Shares The They New York Footwear

They New York, the maker of the displayed design They New York by They New York spells out, THEY New York is a minimalist footwear label founded by siblings Jack and Angela Lin. The founders come from a family that has been manufacturing footwear for <Cropped>

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Kanzashi Flower Mizuhiki Jewelry by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi Flower Jewelry Is a New Jewelry Collection by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi flower jewelry is a new jewelry collection by Asuka Saito, San Francisco-based jewelry designer. The unique feature of these design is that those jewelry are created by arranging Japanese traditional technique, Tsumami zaiku, to make Kanzash <Cropped>

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Science Meets Sustainability by Matthias Broda, Aceteam

Matthias Broda, Aceteam Portrays The Wooden Ebike Science Meets Sustainability

Matthias Broda, aceteam, the maker of the award winning project wooden ebike - Science meets Sustainability by Matthias Broda, aceteam points out, The Berlin company aceteam created the first wooden e-bike, the task was to build it in an environmen <Cropped>

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Bioclimatic European School Complex by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Compass – School in Crete Bioclimatic European School Complex

The thinktank behind the awarded project Compass – school in Crete by Acclaimed Designer points out, The shape of the school that we designed is essentially an arrow that shows the path that the couple God Zeus and Europe followed due to the myth.O <Cropped>

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Award Winning Dbs Hq Bank Hq Branch

Acclaimed Designer Discloses The Dbs Hq Bank Hq Branch

The architect of the highlighted work DBS HQ - Bank HQ branch by Acclaimed Designer points out, To transform DBS customer experience with high tech offering. Houses the bank's customer facing units, an innovative flagship branch, a state of the <Cropped>

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10 Stories About Man and Power by Design Studio H2e

Design Studio H2e Shares The 10 Stories About Man and Power Exhibition Design

Design Studio H2E, the designer of the displayed design 10 Stories about Man and Power by Design Studio H2E explicates, Exhibition reveals the relationships between people and authority in historically significant context of the 20th century. 10 auth <Cropped>

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Flowing Style-Interior Design by Chia-Jung Shen

Chia-Jung Shen Shows The Flowing Style Interior Design

Chia-Jung Shen, the project leader of the displayed project Interior Design by Chia-Jung Shen explains, This is a restaurant. The client was hoping to have a unique outlook inside out through the art pieces. Considered it's a busy district and t <Cropped>

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Show Villa by David Chang

David Chang Shares The Lanting Pavilion Show Villa

David Chang, the designer of the awarded design Show Villa by David Chang points out, The project is located on the east bank of Yangcheng Lake. The property is built in the traditional Suzhou garden style to highlight the beauty of local culture and <Cropped>

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Air Quality by Ryan Yeung and Zoyi So

Ryan Yeung and Zoyi So Presents The Air Quality Air Sensor

Ryan Yeung and Zoyi So, the lead designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Air Quality Air sensor demonstrates, Looking for a small device that can measure volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in your home? Look <Cropped>

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