Steeli by Danil Šcepanov

Danil Šcepanov Designs The Steeli Desk Lamp

Danil Šcepanov, the project leader of the award winning work Steeli by Danil Šcepanov explains, „STEELI“ perfectly illuminate the work table. The lamp is made by bending a single involute of steel. “STEELI” is durable and safe to use: made <Cropped>

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Martin Chow's Rectangular Box Interior Design

Martin Chow Spotlights The Rectangular Box Interior Design

Martin Chow, the maker of the displayed work Rectangular Box by Martin Chow points out, The project is a demonstration unit for the property. Designer proposed the theme about air attendant as the property is very close to the airport. Therefore the <Cropped>

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Yoshitaka Uchino's Solaia Apartment Apartment

Yoshitaka Uchino Demonstrates The Solaia Apartment Apartment

Yoshitaka Uchino, the creative mind behind the award winning design Solaia Apartment - Apartment by Yoshitaka Uchino says, Yoshitaka Uchino designs spaces where people feel natures such as light, wind, and rain. Inspired by architectures in the wor <Cropped>

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& Dough by Aiji Inoue

Aiji Inoue Designs The & Dough Cafe

Aiji Inoue, the thinktank behind the award winning project Cafe by Aiji Inoue demonstrates, The client is headquartered in Japan with 1,300-doughnut shop brand stores, and "& Dough" is a cafe brand to be newly developed and is the first <Cropped>

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Award Winning Dongxin Yuanwei Rice

Liang Hongning Presents The Dongxin Yuanwei Rice

Liang Hongning, the architect of the award winning project Award Winning Dongxin Yuanwei Rice illustrates, The packaging of this product differs from similar products in that the packaging itself strengthens the attributes of the product and reflects <Cropped>

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Skiing Year Round by Tatyana Ozimuk

Tatyana Ozimuk Discloses The Astana Ski Skiing Year Round

Tatyana Ozimuk, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Tatyana Ozimuk's Astana Ski Skiing year round illustrates, In Astana there is no mountain relief Ski activities . For mountain activities and prepare to compete in alpine skiing was i <Cropped>

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Kuki-Hotel by Makoto Nakayama

Makoto Nakayama Illustrates The Kuki Hotel

Makoto Nakayama, the designer of the awarded work Hotel by Makoto Nakayama explicates, It covers an area of approximately 3,800 square feet and a large, single-story with wooden roof. The rooms are only 07 rooms in total, they provide the utmost deli <Cropped>

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Residential House:feast in Green by Chu-Hsin Tsai

Chu-Hsin Tsai Shares The Feast in Green Residential House

Chu-Hsin Tsai, the project leader of the award winning design Residential House by Chu-Hsin Tsai explicates, The minor privacy and open configuration are no doubt the best logic maximizing the space. The dark grey art stones, made as TV wall, stren <Cropped>

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The World of Yuppie-Residential House by Fang-Mei Chan

Fang-Mei Chan Spotlights The The World of Yuppie Residential House

Fang-Mei Chan, the designer of the displayed project Residential House by Fang-Mei Chan says, For the three brothers, as the house owners moving back to Taiwan from different countries, the residential interior design, based on the concept of intern <Cropped>

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Xfinity Xfi by Comcast Ux Nyc

Comcast Ux Nyc Portrays The Xfinity Xfi Mobile Application

Comcast UX NYC, the lead designer of the awarded work Xfinity xFi by Comcast UX NYC says, xFi is a personalized WiFi experience. Taking control of their home WiFi with easy to use tools across the platform, users know what devices are online, optimiz <Cropped>

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